3v3 Basketball




3v3 Rules


Starts- 10/3/2011

Ends- 12/12/2011


3 on 3 intramural basketball is definitely a staple intramural sport at Bryant. Please keep in mind that this year we're offering two different types of leagues for students. We have a more competitive league and a more relaxed league. The best part is that no matter league yyou may choose to join, this fall's 3v3 basketball program is going to be tons of fun! So whether you're aching to claim that championship this year for all the bragging rights or you just wanna shoot around with some buddies, Bryant Intramural's has a program for you!

For more information about 3v3 Basketball at Bryant you can reach us at intramurals@bryant.edu

Active Sports

Spring Sports:

Sand Volleyball

Games: April 1st- May 5th

Outdoor Soccer

Games: April 1st- May 5th

Bocce Ball

Games: April 1st- May 5th


Games: April 1st- May 5th


Team Fee is $75 which includes a $25 forfeit fee

*Bocce Ball is a $50 per team fee which includes the $25 forfeit fee


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